How to Prevent Slip and Falls in the Winter

traffic-sign-622982_1920Well it’s that time of the year when the temperatures fall and so do the ice and snow. During these icy and snowy conditions, the incidence of injuries due to people losing their footing increases. Here are some tips that may help reduce and prevent unnecessary injury to you this wintery season.

  •  Don’t get caught waking up to a unknowingly snowy morning, please monitor the weather and be prepared to have to take a few extra minutes to properly remove the accumulated ice and snow.
  •  Wear appropriate footwear; don’t walk out onto your porch in your house slippers. Wear shoe or boots that have the appropriate waffled or textured soles that will help increase the friction between your footwear and the wet and icy ground.
  •  Keep adequate supplies of ice removal tools in an accessible area. Keeping your shovel and salt in the garage will not help you when you first step out of your home. Keeping a bag of salt inside your door that you can toss out onto your path way and let it do its magic before having to step out and shovel.
  •  Watch for areas where ice tends to form. Remove ice accumulation promptly and apply additional ice melt to prevent further buildup.
  •  Use handrails wherever they are provided.
  •  Clearly identify steps, ramps, and other elevated changes; many falls occur when there is a change in walking surfaces that may be elevated.
  •  Check to be sure that entrance halls and stairs are cleared of wet material. Continuous foot traffic will keep the wet material on the dry surfaces inside. Always be aware of having caution wet floor signs and floor mats that help soak up the accumulated snow and ice well help decrease the risk that someone will fall.
  •  Take shorter steps to maintain a better center of balance over your feet.
  •  Walk slowly and keep your head up and don’t lean forward. Keeping mindful of these will help you reduce the chance of you injuring yourself and keeping your holiday pleasant and cheerful.

    Rebecca McFalls PTA