New Food Adjectives to Make Your Mouth Water

Written by: Janel Davis-Heitzmann PT, CSCS
There are several good reasons to choose plant based food more often. Besides the health benefit of less saturated fats, there is also the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because red meat production requires a huge amount of water, land, and other resources. But, how are food companies trying to drive this trend?
World Resources Institute suggests the positive adjectives could help people eat more sustainably. “The language for meat, beef in particular, sounds so much more delicious,” says Daniel Vennard. “Labels like “meat-free” and “vegetarian” tend to be turnoffs to consumers.” This makes consumers feel like they’re missing out.
New testing in the UK and US with Panera Bread showed that simply changing the name or the description of the product improved sales. Vegetarian Black Bean Soup rebranded to Cuban Black Bean Soup resulted in 19% higher sales without a change in the recipe. Researchers feel this points to how much of an impact language can have on ordering behavior.
Take a cue from the marketing professionals and try the description switch in your own recipes. Perhaps adding “Tuscan”, “grilled, or “toasted” will entice your family to try more plant-based foods.

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