The Value of Social Media Marketing in Athletic Training

What is social media marketing? Why would this be a valuable tool for athletic trainers to utilize? Social media marketing works to create content and ideas that attract attention and encourage readers to share it with their social networks. The goal of your message is to have it spread from user to user in their social circles, thus spreading your message as a trusted source. Social media is becoming so popular in promoting individuals, companies, business products and ideas that you need to try and understand how to utilize it.

finger-769300_1920There are experts and resources to guide you in the social media world. I recently attended a 2 day intensive course on social media from EBoot camp and Corey Perlman at He states that utilizing social media is the “quickest way to establish yourself as a thought leader in the athletic training industry”. Writing blogs and/or informational articles and newsletters for publication are just a few areas to consider when expanding your social media presence. Other platforms of social media that may be of interest are LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter® and YouTube®.

Understanding the importance of your website and having the goal of driving potential readers and/or clients back to your website is key! Your website should be the anchor of information for your program and/or business. Be sure and work with your webmaster on search engine optimization (SEO) and identifying key words in order to maximize your message to your audience.

By utilizing other social media avenues, you are able to reach new audiences and build your reputation in many different ways. However, you must remember whatever information you put on the Internet can be traced back to you, good or bad. An example: Employers are now searching Facebook® before hiring individuals to see what kind of person or per say character their potential employee has. If there are inappropriate pictures, gestures, and writings on your Facebook® pages, it may make a difference in your future employment status.

Again, why would this be a valuable tool for athletic trainers to utilize? You can use social media to promote your athletic training program or upcoming events, increase public awareness for your profession, become a thought leader on specific subjects or healthcare issues, promotion of your business and/or company and so much more.

Do you still think social media is of no value for the profession of athletic training and not where the future is going with our overall communication lines?