Your Guide to Insuring a Better Office Visit with Your Doctor

diagnostics-161140_1280Many of us have often fallen prey to waiting many long hours in a waiting room of a physician’s office. Your name is called and you make your way back into the room. It seems that you only see the doctor for 5 minutes and you then forget half of the questions that you had wanted to ask and your shuffled out of the office feeling rushed and upset that your time was wasted and your questions were not answered and the visit was a complete and utter loss. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you do not have this feeling again when you visit the doctor.

  1. Ask the staff when the best time is to see the doctor so you do not have to wait such a long time. First appointments in the morning, after lunch, or maybe in the evening may be less hectic for the doctor and wait times could be shortened.
  2. Have a list of problems that you would like to discuss with the doctor so that all of your questions get answered, you stay on point, and both you and the doctor do not get side tracked.
  3. Bring a list of all your current vitamins and current medications that you are taking and the doses that you are currently taking.
  4. Always ask when prescribed new medication what the possible side effects are and make sure the physician is aware of all your allergies.
  5. If your doctor sends you out for further testing ask how long the testing results will take and will the doctor’s office be calling you concerning the results or should you call them back.
  6. What is your condition and what has caused it? Any lifestyle measures, like diet and exercise, which can help your condition?
  7. Please be upfront with your doctor never hide anything from your doctor even though you may be uncomfortable talking about it. Recreational drug use, sexual issues, changes in bowel habits, and sleep troubles are more common than you think.
  8. Finally, if you don’t understand any of the answers, say so.

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