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Client Testimonials for Tri-Rehab

The staff was excellent, friendly, and fun.

The physical specialist was very good. She took the time to completely explain what was wrong, how to do the exercises and what sort of improvements that I should see.

E. Naura


I came into Tri-Rehab not knowing what to expect

With this being my first experience with rehab, I was more than pleased and happy with the treatment I received. I came in not even being able to walk because of meniscus surgery. Now I am back to playing hockey and doing what I love thanks to Tri-Rehab and the staff!



I have had knee problems for my whole life

At first, nothing was really done to fix it and the problem kept getting worse. I finally signed up for physical therapy. Ever since, my problem hasn't happened, and my knee and legs feel a lot stronger. Very thankful for the exercises and strengthening!



All my therapy has been done at Tri-Rehab

From ridding migraines during my pregnancy with my son, to major rehabilitation after two different spinal surgeries. Every single time, I was treated with great care and respect. The program was tailored just for me, and I was given back my life to its' previous health. They are a great staff that cares about each patient individually!



I have been a patient at Tri-Rehab twice, and both times I was treated very well

The first time was for my hip replacement and the second time was for back and neck problems. The staff is very friendly and willing to answer any concerns or questions you have. They helped me learn ways to do things so I wouldn't cause myself more pain, and gave me exercises and tips on how to alleviate my pain. They were very accommodating when it came to scheduling me. I am stronger and have less pain than I did before coming here. I would highly recommend Tri-Rehab to anyone that needs therapy. The staff is a great group of people!



My treatment plan was fully explained and adjusted as I progressed

Excellent staff and facilities. I fully achieved my goal for range of motion.



Everyone at Tri-Rehab has been very professional and very friendly

The ladies go out of their way to help the patients with whatever they need. My PT visits have helped the pain I was having. I would highly recommend Tri-Rehab to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. The ladies are very friendly and welcoming!



Professionalism and Homey Atmosphere

Upon my arrival, I was not confident in my right knee or its ability to withstand pressure. However, through rigorous efforts by both myself and my physical therapist I am not only back to where I was prior to my injury, I feel I am now stronger. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and homey atmosphere provided by Tri-Rehab. Should I need therapy in the future I will return to this facility without hesitation.

E. Naura


I healed 98% faster

To Tri-Rehab, I'm so pleased with the results of my therapy after my total knee replacement. My doctor says I healed 98% faster than all his other patients. And that's because of my physical therapist here at Tri-Rehab. I will be back in a few months when I get my other knee done. Thank you so much.

P. Stockdale


Tri Rehab is my lifeline

Tri-Rehab is my lifeline. Through periodic therapy and regular exercise sessions, I'm able to function fairly well. My orthopedic surgeon says there is nothing more that can be done for my spine which is now at 90 degrees curvature. Keeping my muscles strong is all that is supporting me. He said don't ever quit and thanks to Tri-Rehab I have the chance to maintain an exercise program (and occasional therapy) in an atmosphere that is friendly, personal, and caring, where people will help me when I need help. Thanks.

J. Bielecki


Every person at Tri-Rehab was very friendly

I had a ball while at Tri-Rehab. Every person at Tri-Rehab was very friendly, very attentive, and always prompt. It is by far, the very best medical attention I ever received. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

S. Dunbar


I would highly recommend Tri-Rehab

I started therapy in a walking cast. Now, I feel I am fit enough for daily activities and sports (one month later). I was given direction during therapy plus at home for a quick successful rehabilitation. The staff was nice and understanding when I had to reschedule appointments to accommodate work. It was a great experience and if (hopefully I don't) I injure myself again, or my friends do, I would highly recommend Tri-Rehab.

D. Kwolek


Tri-Rehab was always on time and prompt for my appointments

Tri-Rehab was always on time and prompt for my appointments. My leg left me completely incapable of running, but I am completely healed after only four weeks. The therapists were very helpful, and treated us professionally, yet personally, and made us feel at home. I definitely had to work hard when I was here, and even at home, but it was well worth it for being healed in only four weeks. The progression of intensity was well planned and my legs feel much stronger now. I would recommend Tri-Rehab to anyone.

N. Hunt


I feel like I have caring friends there

Tri-Rehab has provided me with the best care possible. No wonder you come so highly recommended! Your physical therapists and athletic trainers provide not only very professional, but very personal care. I feel like I have caring friends here. Thank you for your help and guidance in my recovery.

G. Snell


I would not hesitate to recommend this is the place to come

Physical therapy is not easy. But by coming here with the positive interaction I received, I felt like coming. At first, because of heel and foot surgery, I was unable to walk for any long distance without pain. Through Tri-Rehab and ALL the help from everyone I am able to go back to work and do my daily chores. They helped me with my home set-up exercises and encouraged me. I have gone to other rehab establishments on my other foot and by far this place exceeds the others by a mile. I'm very thankful for the help and the friendliness of everybody. I would not hesitate to recommend this is the place to come. Thank you to all for all the help. It's nice to come to a place where when you leave you feel happy.

B. Kertesz


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I came in in tears..... I leave here with a smile and the knowledge I need to improve my well being. Tri-Rehab comes highly recommended by me. You can believe I will refer my loved ones to your fine facility. I will miss you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
V. Pulido


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